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Tuesday, June 29, 2021


We Library & Digital Learning.

We have created a print-rich school environment and opened a school library. The library provides children with access to a range of reading materials in Hindi and in English. All classes have regular reading sessions with our reading specialist. 

The children enjoy the opportunity to hear stories and to develop their own reading skills. The children don’t have books at home and take great pleasure in exploring the books in the library.

We are also introducing digital learning materials as new learning resources, to make classroom learning even more interactive while developing children’s awareness of technology and broadening their horizons. ensure the provision of holistic education to first-generation learners through Hunar Ghar primary school. The learning environment is welcoming, inspiring, and nurturing. 

Daily attendance is high. There is a big emphasis on the importance of building foundational skills in literacy and numeracy. Teaching is tailored to children’s needs, with extra study classes to help students who are struggling.

A dedicated sports teacher at Hunar Ghar provides regular PE lessons to all classes. Sports activities help children develop their confidence, perseverance, and teamwork skills while having fun. Every year, Hunar Ghar hosts an inter-school sports event, inviting other schools in the area to take part in games and races. Over 1,000 participants and spectators attend this annual event

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