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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Sustaining a Principal Pipeline


Six urban school districts set out in 2011 to develop and support a cadre of principals whose leadership would positively affect school outcomes. The districts were Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, North Carolina; Denver Public Schools, Colorado; Gwinnett County Public Schools, Georgia; Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida; New York City Department of Education, New York; and Prince George’s County Public Schools, Maryland. Leaders in these districts believed that they could improve on their recent experiences in hiring novice principals, some of whom had struggled to meet the demands of instructional leadership. Each district pursued a “principal pipeline” strategy with four interrelated components, aimed at cultivating a steady supply of well-prepared and well-supported new principals:  Adopting standards of practice and performance that would guide principal preparation, hiring, evaluation, and support.  Delivering high-quality preservice preparation to high-potential candidates, typically through a combination of in-district programs and partnerships with university preparation programs.  Using selective hiring and placement, informed by data on candidates’ demonstrated skills, to match principal candidates to schools.  Aligning on-the-job evaluation and support for novice principals, with an enlarged role .

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